Muscle Therapy for Horses

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Qualifications 2

Qualifications 2

‘Equus Muscle Management’ – ‘EMM’
Now re-named as ‘Horse Muscle Care’ ‘HMC’

I trained in 2012  - 2013 with Kath and Steve Rochford in the UK qualifying as a practitioner on 11 th
July 2013

The methodology of the therapy includes holds, rolls and pressure points. They are an adaptation of:
Trigger Point (Bonnie Pruden – Pain Erasure)
Paul Blakely’s  (Finger First Aid – The Muscle Book)
Tom Bowen’s Therapy

This is a gentle, remedial therapy built on a series of powerful corrections.
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Equine Myofascial Release Technique - 2014

Qualified to Practitioner Levels 1 & 2 in 2014 with Ruth Mitchell- Golladay. Ruth was taught and mentored by John F Barnes, the developer of Myofascial Release. Including Cranial and Dural treatments.
I found Ruth a truly inspirational teacher and thoroughly enjoyed the training, case studies and writing my Thesis for certification.

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2015 -
Sharon May Davis 3 day (21 hours) of horse dissection training

This was my first introduction to Sharon’s work in the UK and her knowledge as a therapist and her dissection courses have changed my perception of the mechanisms of the horse: musculo-skeletally, fascially and systemically  

2017 - Sharon May Davis 3 day (21 hours) of horse dissection training
My second introduction to Sharon’s dissection course took place in the Netherlands. I believe this helped me to understand dissection on a deeper level.  With anatomists specialising in lymphatic and neurological dissection plus veterinary
x- rays available  pre-dissection, the attending group were allowed to learn and understand dissection on an entirely different level

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2015 - 4 th
& 5 th July 2015 Optimizing Balance, Straightness & Performance through fascia retraining & postural balance – Presented by Dr. Kerry Ridgeway DVM and Manolo Mendez -  Schwaiganger, Germany

2015 – 21 st
 &22 nd  September  Myofascial Taping course  - (Human)

2015 - 19 th &20 th September    Equine Kiniseo Taping course 1 & 2 ( Equine)
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2014 / 2015 – assisting with training courses in anatomy & assessment of horses –

2016 -  23 rd & 24 th April    Equine Vetkin taping course (Equine)
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2017 – 22 nd
&23 rd April   Dr Raquel Butler BVSc – Anatomy & Palapation
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2017 / 2018
– assisting with training courses on anatomy & assessment of horses –

– 29 th & 30 th April   Equine Vetkin taping further training in Holland

*I attend either annually or bi-annually the 2 day ‘British Fascia Symposium’ to keep myself up to date on current research and information appertaining to human fascial treatment.

*I attend annually or Bi-annually the 2 day ‘Horses Inside Out Conference’ to keep myself up to date with veterinary and equine research.

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