Muscle Therapy for Horses

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What's involved?

What is involved in a Treatment

An EMRT™ treatment can only take place with your vet’s consent and does not replace veterinary treatment.

Each treatment starts with an assessment of your horse. This may involve assessing the horse being stood, walked and trotted up. If applicable he/she may be lunged or ridden and following this I will advise if the therapy is suitable for your horse.

I begin by taking a full case history of your horse and listen to what you are telling me.  

A signed veterinary permission to treat form is filled out.

Unless your horse is on box rest I will watch your horse move, evaluating and palpating for areas of soreness, and nervous tension, which we will discuss. The treatment takes approximately 1 hour and consists of targeted ‘Moves’ across the horse’s body. Frequent short pauses are allowed to enable the horse to ‘process’ the changes that are taking place.   

Your horse will require a few days off after treatment and we will discuss post-treatment advice.  

Speed of recovery will depend on age of the horse and the longevity of the injury.

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